The Legion of the Dominion

secret order


Rexus Ordo ab Chao “Kings of Order out of Chaos”

Since the dawn of mankind, secret beings have lived amongst man, Gods in the Darkness. Some are puppeteers of humanities fate, some are hunters of mankind’s souls. In the ancient land of Macedon, a powerful and idealistic being known only as “The Keeper” came forth and made a bargain with one called “The Master”. They formed an organization that would hunt down and capture the most dissident beings to the flow of creation, and store them in realms beyond. Oftentimes, such beings would not be captured, and so death was imminent.

The Master taught the humans also to fend for themselves. As his tasks became overwhelming. “The Agent” came onto the scent to orchestrate the affairs of the Legion. As time passed, some of the Hunter groups fell to the darkness. Some of them learned of the true nature of their Fananciers and fled the fold. Now, the Legion only employs the most select and most perfected beings it can to serve its cause.

Shrouded in mystery and darkness, the true intentions of the Legion are known only to a few within the order itself. Working through the 10 levels of the Mysteries, not until they are fully vetted do they know the true purpose of the Order…



The Legion of the Dominion

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