Legion of the Dominion

The Downfall of Kal Yagi

The party of 2 mages and 1 geist is called to a meeting and Empyrean Trust in LA to meet the Agent. He provides them with details of the Legion of the Dominion, and how they can mutually benefit one another. The party ponders and then accepts the invitation to join.

The first order of business is finding out what happened to the prior North American Legionaires called “Hellfire”. The Agent reports that their last missive stated they were seeking some individual in Pasadena at a bar called the Black Oasis. This was all in pursuit of an entity called the Kal-Yagi.

Off to the bar… Eric Draven works alone and goes stealth and sneaks around. Pain and Jim Crow try the social angle. This leads to a 3 minute handy for the old Crow, then they both discover the Hellfire sought the bars owner. Upstairs they discover that Eric is already accosting and threatening the bar owner. After some threats and intimidation, they see through his lies and discover the Hellfire was seeking info on a Kyle Yagati, and his Pasadena Ponds brewery.

The Brewery is where our group begins to see the seeds of chaos for this Kyle Yagati. He has a secret meth lab here, and his goons try to off the party as they pretend to be BATF inspectors. Susannah, Kyle’s assistant comes down to add some legal threats, and then this in turn leads to Kyle berating the party over speaker phone in the conference room. As a parting shot, Eric blow up the meth lab. The First Explosion was huge, the second pure devestation.

It is off to Yagati Estates, where Eric goes stealth and infiltrates the manor house. Outside, our mages perform a crip-style drive by from the Escelade. Inside, Eric finds Kyle surrounded by his thralls. he overwhelms Mesmiron on the hall, leading to a Titanic duel with Kyle in an invisible match of power. Meanwhile an Asian Neo comes out, unable to see Eric, he takes out his furies on Pain and Crow downstairs. Before long, Crow turns him into chop-suey in the entry hall.

Eric overwhlems Kyle, forcing the demon to let go of its possession and hide in the walk-in closet. The Keeper arrives, and Eric joins him as Kal-Yagi receives his consequence for poisoning LA. He chooses the Deathmask over imprisonment in Arcadia, but not without revealing that Hellfire was kidnapped and shipped to Buenos Ares.

Now our group must travel to South America and join its Legionaires to thwart the true mastermind behind the schemes, and ancient demon named Pesican…

Brewery explosion

First Introductions

The Seeker has brought you to LA…



You have been part of the World of Darkness for sometime, watching the ebbs and flows of the modern world; seeing the puppet masters at work behind the scenes. You all come from different backgrounds, different locales, and you all have different agendas. However, you were different in a unique way. You could see behind the charade that was going on, the Masquerade showed its true face to you. All along, there were even greater masters controlling even greater events. You started to throw off the shackles that those around you placed upon you. Titles like Prince or Magister meant nothing, being part of a Pack you didnt belong to. Deep down you needed answers. You spent time seeking what you could. Perhaps it was different for the other beings of Darkness? You would spy on them in silence, learning how to watch without being seen. Little did you know you were honing the very skills that would find your redemption. Inside you felt how superior you were to the others of your ilk, you felt keenly the vast gulf of seperation you had with them.

This is when the Seeker found you. He told you he had answers for you, skills and powers to hone the very core of your being. He could show you the truth behind what was happening, a way to lash out at the puppet masters. Some, he said were benevolent. Others, he said, caused strife and conflict. Some even caused ruin. You had mastered your skills and your knowledge base of the others, and this great tool, this asset would liberate you from the mundane existence. He gave you passage on a private jet. The wealth thrown around was extravagent. The jet sored into the reaches of outer space, whisking you to LA in but a tenth of the time it should have taken. You were to meet “The Agent”. He would test you, he would teach you, he would liberate you, and more importantly, he would give you true purpose…



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