Since time immemorial there have been creatures of darkness roving the Earth. Some of them filling their own ambitions, some of them serving the will of ancient and powerful beings that lay beyond the horizon. For better or worse, mankind often moves to the pulse and whim of these beings. When things get to far out of line, there is always a reckoning. There are Hunters in the world, mortals that know the truth of things and protect mankind. However, who protects the interests of the creatures of darkness themselves? What happens when the entities involved are so powerful that even technology or strategy can’t stop them? This is where the Legion of the Dominion step in. A group of beings whose sole purpose is to stamp out and root the controllers when they become too powerful. Amongst the Hunters in existence, they are the most feared and controversial. For their purpose is not to better mankind, but to better themselves…


Legion of the Dominion

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